A proverbial recipe for search engine rankings.


A link to your website from another website which helps boost your page ranking.


A browser is the user agent someone uses to pull up a web page. Whether its Chrome on old desktop or Safari on an Iphone or anything in between.


The bottom part of a website which usually holds contact info, links, and other assorted items including copyright marks.


Geo's are city keywords like Indianapolis, etc. which a local business wants to market to.


The top of a website which generally contains the logo or website name, a link to the home page, and contact info and sometimes a call to action or a headline.


Hosting is the conduit your website to get online when a user agent(browser) request a page. It's basically internet access for your website.


Keywords are the primary words which potential customers use to kind your type of business online.

Local Listings

Listing's of a respective business on digital yellow page and local search type directories.

Search Engine Optimization

Enhancing the factors that search engines such as Google use to rank a web page for a specific search.


Server is a computer that does the job of hosting or housing and serving up requested files.

SSL Certificate

Everything that is transported between the server and the user agent is encrypted through a conduit, this is SSL as I understand it. Google rewards SSL certificates with additional rank.


A heading or type of business a company is in. Generally accoviated with the headings provided by local business directories.


A software(CMS) that can be used to make website access and updates similar to using a web editor for website owners.