Online Reviews

Ever had that customer you just could not please? If not just wait, for everyone else imagine if that customer decided to leave several reviews online questioning you integrity. That’s all it can take to kill your online reputation.

Luckily for us their is a solution, by simply soliciting positive reviews first. When people tell me I did a great job, I ask them to help me out by reviewing my services online at my website. People love to help other people out especially when it doesn’t put them out to much.

Also by being pro-active in collecting reviews you are doing more than just hedging an insurance policy against negative reviews, you are empowering your business.

Sales Collateral

website reviews
With many sites that collect reviews online, like AngiesList and Facebook, the business owner does not own the review. This is a cause for concern for many reasons, but the biggest is that you technically can’t use these in your business marketing pieces.

If you collect reviews on your website you will own them and you will be able to use them however you deem most effective. Whether you use those reviews in other forms of traditional media like T.V. ads or direct mail, or integrate the reviews into your homepage as a selling feature on your website, these are all good ideas.

The best reason to capture your own reviews online is because it helps optimize both your website and your click-through ratio in the search results. Look at the image to the left. Does the five stars attached to the Google search result make you more likely to click? It does me.

The last reason to capture your own reviews on your website is occasionally you can keep one of the negative reviews from getting onto the world wide web which you generally can’t suppress except in this one scenario.

Are you ready to leverage the power of reviews?

If you need help figuring out how to leverage customer testimonials for your business, contact the digital marketing experts at Carson.Marketing today. 1-317-518-7077

Hidden SEO

I am often asked,”How do I get more customers online?”

If you asked one hundred web marketers that question, you’d receive one hundred different recipes to success. One thing they would all agree on though is your website is the foundation of that success. When I started out in the search marketing business with a big box phone book company I to often saw the fundamentals overlooked. This is what I call the hidden SEO. Sometimes what I’m talking about might not even stack up to actually optimizing the site, like non-stock photos, but I still think of it as hidden SEO because it is helping your site work more effectively.

Hidden SEO is all about getting the most from your content, both from a pragmatic business perspective and from client interface perspective. When you bring clients in from the web, your site needs to be as effectively designed as possible in order to maximize those customers. You also need to maximize the use of your content potential in order to drive the difference in your business and your competitors in the search engines. These not so obvious tips are what I call “Hidden SEO”.

So I created a list of my favorite “Hidden SEO tips”:

#7 Click to Call

It’s important that the phone numbers be placed at the top and bottom of the business website and make sure the click call is coded in correctly.
click to call phone number mobile site

#6 Forms – Ask For The Sale

What’s that old cliche about it takes seven contacts to complete the sale? Build different forms to get people to interact, download, and more to get the sale process moving forward. Always ask for what you are selling. If it’s free quotes, ask for the quote.

#5 Build A List

Collect email address to build a mailing list. You can also ask contact form submitter if they want to be added to your list.

#4 Business Advertising

Advertising for your business is awesome and sometimes can make a huge difference. My favorite business ads are affordable and geo specific for local businesses. I like Chamber of commerce, BBB, coupon and directory sites, social media, etc.

#3 Google Maps

Update your free Google Local listing with as much information as possible. Edit or add your business to Google Local here.
capture your google local listing

#2 Business Reviews

On and off website. I like to collect reviews on my own website so they can be used for my own use, like integrating into the homepage or put onto mailer or reviews

#1 Different Pages For Each Service

My number one, most important hidden SEO tip to not miss separate category pages. Create a page for each main service you wish to promote. Be sure those easily linked in some way.
Service pages