Our SEO Blog

Carson Marketing is a five year old company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a boutique agency for small to medium contractors looking for a web design or SEO agency.  We pride ourselves on offering both affordable and effective advertising solutions for every customer.

We start our optimization process by identifying each customers specific needs. Once we have established the goals for your business, we can then review you business presence online.

The SEO review will consist oFive main considerations:

  1. Website Presence and Organization
  2. Current Advertising
  3. Social Media and other online presence
  4. Competition
  5. Search Ranking

If your company is looking to boost your online presence, the experts at Carson Marketing offer a specialized and custom solution to promote and optimize your website to the exact client type and exact market that you desire. If you have questions call 317-518-7077 or go get a free quote here.