What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the act of creating more content and relevance online to drive up your ranking on the search engines for specific keywords. This is achieved through a variety of avenues and not all of them are equally weighted in importance.

Who is Carson Marketing?

I'm Brock, I specialize in SEO for small businesses. With over ten years in self-employment and the marketing industry, I am very qualified to meet the needs of small business owners.

How much does a SEO cost?

There are numerous variables that need to be considered before we can give an accurate quote for your project. Our SEO packages begin at $200/mo.

How long is the contract for SEO services ?

No contracts. We charge our customers for the time we invest in their project and that's it.

How do we optimize a website?

By using a variety of tactics including web design, content, social media, offline marketing and more.

Can we hire you to do SEO on a website someone else built.

Yes, but we will need certain login names and passwords to reach the website depending on how it is built.

How long will the SEO take to work?

That depends on multiple factors like how much SEO your competition does, to how quickly you wish to invest in your site. On every project, our goal is to start seeing results within sixty days.

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